Symptomatic maintenance of different skins in autumn

In autumn, the metabolism of the skin becomes dull, the supply of water and nutrients is reduced, and the functions of the sebaceous and sweat glands are weakened, which makes the skin look dull and dull, and it also has dry and rough, wrinkles and aging. The previous Acura provides a few tips for seasonal maintenance, but in actual implementation, you still have to adjust the maintenance strategy based on your skin properties.

Dry skin

Dry skin become more dry after fall, even peeling. In addition to moisturizing products to lock water, it can also be used with anti-wrinkle cream to promote metabolism and sebum secretion by massage.

Cleansing and moisturizing: In the morning, the delicate and sensitive muscles can be washed with water without using a facial cleanser; at night, cleansing products with soap or low-surfactant with little or no foam should be cleaned gently.

Cooperate with massage: maintain the last moisturizing SP moisturizing cream to lock in water, and use the fingers to spirally massage from the inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top. Or take the amount of cream on the thumb and apply it to the entire face. After 5 minutes, wipe off the unabsorbed cream with a cotton pad moistened with lotion.

Oily skin

Oily skin is actually less prone to wrinkles or aging. Adding oil is the most natural moisturizing sacred product, and it can better resist dry air in autumn and winter. But even if there are more benefits, it is still very disturbing to have a shiny face or make-up, so here are a few maintenance directions.

However, superstition oil control: the secretion of oil is affected by temperature, humidity, hormones and so on. If you rely too much on external skin care products to control oil, it may cause pores to be blocked.

Clean and moisturize: Reduce the amount of facial cleanser by 1/3. After diluting and foaming with water, intensify the massage on the T-shaped, nasal wing and other parts that are easy to get oil, and gently pass the other parts. Toners use water-absorbing moisturizers (such as long-lasting moisturizers) that contain moisturizing factors, so as to add moisture without burden.

Mixed skin

The T-shaped area is prone to oily and dry cheeks, so do n’t forget to “zone maintenance” in autumn.

Clean: Reduce the amount of facial cleanser by 1/3. After diluting and foaming with water, massage the T-shaped, nasal wing and other parts that are prone to oil, and gently pass the other parts.

Moisturizing: When rubbing moisturizing products, the T-shaped part is moisturized with gels. After the essence, cheeks are moisturized with oil-containing emulsion or cream.

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