Hydrating and Moisturizing Your Skin with Care in Winter

Normally when you are running out of time, do you grab whatever skincare products and apply them without much thought?

Or to save yourself from trouble, you half-heartedly apply some random skincare products just to make yourself feel better?

Do you head straight to bed at night even though the skincare products that you have applied have not been fully absorbed?

As you return home in winter, you will not feel like leaving home again when you pamper yourself in “The Healing Skincare Routine”

Since it is cold in winter, we often like to laze at home and refuse to go out. Panco invites you to unwind yourself through its simple skincare routine; gently feel the temperature of the tips of your fingers, carefully observe the condition of your skin, and finally, return the focus back to yourself.

Panco believes that skincare treatment is not only a routine but it is also a way you communicate with yourself.

Drastic skin changes during winter

As the temperature reduces, humidity in the air also decreases which can easily lead to skin dehydration. In addition, the amount of secretion from sebaceous glands and sweat glands lessens resulting in skin that is lackluster, dry and rough, and sometimes even scaly and itchy.

Hence, it is extremely important to have a solid daily moisturizing routine.

Other than the need for skin hydration, preservation of your skin’s natural oils must be taken into account as well

Too many people assume that moisturizing is the top priority and religiously apply moisturizing skincare products but they forget that excessive facial cleansing may strip away the natural oils on the protective layer of your skin. Therefore, no matter how cold the weather is during winter, it is advisable not to use hot water to wash your face as it will make your skin drier and rougher.

It is highly suggested for women with dry skin type to go for the Moisturizing Cleansing Cream while those with sensitive skin should choose the gentle Chlorophyll Cleansing Cream. Those who have combination skin type should use “zone cleaning” to reduce damage to their skin.

If your skin is oily, do not rush to change your skincare products because the root cause of your skin oiliness may be due to your skin not getting adequate moisturization

In winter, some who have issues with oily skin may immediately opt for oil-control skincare products but the actual reason for oily skin problem is skin dehydration where more oil is secreted to protect the skin. There are others who get extremely dry skin during winter and choose heavier moisturizing skincare products but unfortunately, they are unaware that their skin needs hydration instead. Oils are used to lock in the moisture only when your skin is well hydrated.

Hydrating your skin should not be a short-term effort but a marathon run.

Panco highly recommends the Moisturizing Series for Autumn and Winter since it is not only suitable for basic skincare regime for daytime and night in winter; but most importantly, other than moisturizing, it can repair the cuticle and its moisture-locked in properties ensure your skin look supple and radiant.

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