Airplane Travel Skincare Tips: In-flight Moisturization

As December is a festive season with long breaks, this is the time of a year when people arrange their annual leave to travel abroad with their family and loved ones.

Begin a joyous journey with your most gorgeous self

As you are travelling abroad, Panco has compiled a few skincare tips so you can enjoy the burden-free state of healthy and natural skin just like being at home. You will look gorgeous without makeup, or your makeup can stay in place without getting messy. And the best thing is, you will look stunning in your travel photos with a healthy glowing skin.

Travel skincare tip: Stay Hydrated In-Flight

As the humidity in aircraft cabins is very low, you can easily have dryness in your eyes, nose and throat. Your skin might also feel discomfort due to dehydration. Aside from drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and wearing a face mask to keep moisture in your skin, you can also replenish your skin using effective skincare products.

3 keys to stay hydrated when flying: Moisturizing face mist, face mask and moisturizing cream.

Moisturizing face mist: The cabin of a long-haul flight is even drier than you will find in most deserts. Face mist is one of the best ways to re-hydrate your skin anytime.
Face mask: A must do! In just 10 minutes, you are able to save your tired and dry skin before you leave the plane.
Moisturizing Cream: It helps to lock in moisture from the face mask and ensure your makeup lasts longer.

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