Skincare Routine for Rainy Season: Dry Skin Type

Even though there is high humidity during the rainy season, it doesn’t mean that dry skin needs not to be hydrated throughout the season. As the rainy season approaches Taiwan, temperature starts to rise. There will be faster evaporation of perspiration from the skin causing our skin to be robbed of moisture easily.

Skincare routine for dry skin during the rainy season works in tandem with internal and external hydration methods to ensure your skin well-moisturized. Usually, dehydrated skin that is also lacking in vitamins will become drier and drier in due time. Try these methods to stay hydrated:

Drinking more water can increase metabolism rate and keep our skin soft and supple.

Most women require 2000 c.c. of water consumption daily. It is not only the most straightforward way for skin hydration but it also increases your body’s metabolic functions in toxin elimination.

Skin needs to drink water too

There is no feeling of tightness after washing your face, your skin becomes more hydrated and moisturized instead.

A good facial cleanser for dry skin shall not only cleanses your face well but also leaves your skin feeling supple and elastic without stripping away your skin’s natural oils.

The first step of skincare routine: Cleansing

Alcohol-free product ensures no loss of moisture and hydration.

Skincare products for dry skin type should always be free from alcohol, irritants, and dehydrating properties; and provide a good balance of water and oil for your skin.

Getting the perfect balance of water and oil for your skin

Treat your skin right and reap the rewards!

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