The 4-step Hydration Routine

Why is hydration important for your skin?

Getting sufficient hydration is not only a must for women who have dry, peeling skin. It is even more important for those whose skin is showing early signs of wrinkles as their lackluster rough skin exhibits signs of lacking of moisture. There is a higher likelihood of discomfort to your skin during seasonal changes. You may not be able to solve the issue of dry skin with just a bottle of moisturizer. We should provide hydration to our skin from the inside out, coupled with day and night skincare routine.

During season changes, the 4 important steps in your skincare routine are: Choose, Apply, Replenish, and Spray

Choose: Choose the most suitable product for you and not the product that can lock-in the most moisture.

For oily and combination skin, there may be sufficient or excessive oil secretion. In this case, hydrating skincare products that are light, refreshing and high in water content should be selected. On the other hand, hydrating skincare products for dry and aging skin should be the moisturizing and rejuvenating type.

Friends or advertisements’ recommendations are not necessarily the best choice for you. That is because what you really need is a proper balance between water and oil on your skin based on your skin type; and in order to achieve the ideal balance for your skin to be in the best state, skincare products that match your skin type should be selected.

Apply: Spend 10 minutes to apply a facial mask at home

Applying a facial mask is one of the most enjoyable time a woman can have at home. There are masks with assorted ingredients and scents; and it is surely a fun, pampering time for your precious skin.

However, if you use cleansing masks like mud mask, powder mask or cream mask, do not miss the follow-up skincare steps because the moisture on your facial skin is often absorbed by the mud mask or cream mask. So, do remember to apply moisturizer right after it to prevent your skin to become dry.If you use a sheet mask, do not wait until the sheet mask dries out entirely before removing it. It is not like the longer you leave the sheet mask on your face, the more moisturizing effect it will have on your skin. It is advisable to leave it on around 10 to 15 minutes.

Replenish: Intuitively quench your skin’s thirst for water

The prime time for skin care and rejuvenation is from 11.00pm to 2.00pm; however, the best time to replenish water for the purpose of anti-aging and skin repair is the time right after you wake up.

Do you recall the time you often wake up feeling thirsty at night? That is a sign that your body is thirsty and your skin is dehydrated. 200ml of water can be evaporated from your skin in a night. That is why your skin gets the thirstiest in the morning.

Breakfast is not the only important thing you have to do in the morning. Spend some time to replenish the moisture. Use a serum and a moisturizing lotion or cream before applying your makeup to ensure your skin is well-hydrated in order to begin a good day.

Spray: The savior in the office

If you spend long hours in an air-conditioned room, your skin can easily get dry and dehydrated. You would wish to bring your entire skincare set with you but actually, you only need to bring a small bottle of hydrating facial spray. When you feel that your skin is dry, you just need to lightly spray some onto your face.

Some people choose to use hydrating facial sprays that contain alcohol. In fact, with body temperature of 37°C, the mist that contains alcohol will evaporate quickly and take away the original moisture from your skin. You will end up with drier skin. So, remember to choose an alcohol-free hydrating spray instead.

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