Skincare Routine for Rainy Season: Combination Skin Type

During the rainy season, humidity level is on the high all the time. The skin will feel as if it is covered by a thin layer of damp cloth; and that will cause havoc to combination skin. In order to prevent dryness and excess oil secretion, the following skincare routine is recommended:

Ensuring your cheeks are well-moisturized

Unstable weather conditions can aggravate dry skin condition, especially the areas around the end of your eyes, the sides of your nose and mouth which have weaker and thinner skin surface. Hence, you should go for skincare products that are alcohol-free that come with extra hydrating power. It is also good to apply a facial mask once a week.

Ensuring the cleanliness of your skin

The T-zone area on your forehead and nose needs to be cleansed thoroughly or else dirt on your skin surface coupled with high humidity may easily cause you pimples or acnes. Regular exfoliation aids in letting skin pores to breathe and absorb skincare products better.

Replenishing moisture from within

Drinking a lot of water can let you replenish moisture internally which is excellent for your skin health.

Panco emphasizes on using different skincare products based on different parts of face, especially during the rainy season. Different skin types also need different ways of caring in order to maintain healthy skin.

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