Skincare Begins Right After Menstruation

Post Menstruation Skincare

After menstruation, most women will regain their energy and are free from worries about their sanitary napkins or period leaks. In fact, this is the period of time when women feel the most relaxed and radiant.

At the end of menstruation, there is great amount of estrogen secretion. This causes the metabolism rate raises and the collagen content in the outer layer of skin increases, making the outer layer of skin smoother and more glowing. Therefore, any skincare treatment that is done during this period of time is more effective than usual. So, you should make a good use of this golden opportunity to do intensive skincare treatments!

It is recommended to increase the consumption of foods that are rich in iron and protein and aid in increasing red blood cell counts such as red meat, egg yolk, etc. To reduce the symptoms of edema during menstruation, it is advisable to take high-fiber food, namely, seaweed, mushrooms, and apples.

Caviar Series

It is the best time to replenish nourishment for your skin right after menstruation. Hence, you should have a thorough skincare routine.

The Panco Caviar Series contains: Grapeseed OPC which increases the absorption of nutrients from the active ingredients in the essence. The peptide extracts from deep sea fish which can be completely absorbed by the skin enable the skin to regain its elasticity and suppleness. It is suitable for women who want to fight against premature aging.

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