Cleansing Routine that Doesn’t Damage Your Skin

Have you ever experienced this? When you return home tired with your face that is still having thick layers of makeup, you feel too lazy to remove your makeup and cleanse your face properly; and sometimes, you even sleep with your makeup on until the next morning.

Do not let your carelessness turn into skincare mistakes that are damaging your face

Let’s think about it. Forgetting to remove your makeup can cause clogged and enlarged pores; vigorously washing your face can cause wrinkles; whereas, the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells on your face can lead to dull-looking skin, acne problem, etc. All these are caused by daily bad habits that contribute to problematic skin in the long run.

A thorough cleansing routine is the first step to good skin

Before applying any skincare products, it is a must to remove dirt on your skin and keep your skin surface clean since whatever left on the surface of your skin can be brought into the deeper layer of your skin during the subsequent skincare routine. It is important to cleanse your skin thoroughly because you do not want any makeup residue to enter our skin.

The facial cleansing product has to be effective while your hands have to be gentle

Cleansing is an essential everyday routine but many people are worried that it will cause the skin to be dehydrated or to have an increase of wrinkles. The fact is, selecting the most suitable cleansing product for your face is the secret to not damaging your skin. Each skin type should use cleansing products that contains ingredients which correspond with its needs. Other than that, do remember to be gentle to your skin. You should take your time to wash face gently and patiently instead of rubbing your skin vigorously and hurting it.

Choose what you need so that you will love what you choose

Each range of our products is specifically and professionally created for each skin type. Some skin types require stronger cleansing power, some skin types require natural ingredients, while the other skin types need different levels of increased hydration based on whether they are oily skin, combination skin, dry skin or sensitive skin. We use mild ingredients in our products with effective cleansing power in order to make your skin burden-free.

Developing the right skincare routine is the first step to beautiful, refined skin

Beauty is a part of life. Therefore, facial cleansing is the first step for you to transition into the next step of your skincare routine with peace of mind. Let’s follow this skincare guide: The amount of time you spend to apply makeup should also be the amount of time you spend on a proper makeup removal. This is to ensure you stay equally beautiful before and after makeup removal.

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