The Arrival of Spring Heralds the Changes to Your Skin - Skincare Routine in Spring for Sensitive Skin

As red flowers are blooming in spring, does your face feel flushed and hot?

As temperature gradually rises, the air regains humidity bit by bit, and the sun becomes hotter and hotter, the metabolic function of your skin is slowly kickstarted as if it has just awakened from a long hibernation. There will be an increase of secretions from sebaceous glands and sweat glands once they become active again.This is the time when skin sensitivity peaks due to drastic changes in day and night temperature. Your skin needs to be able to withstand irritants from the environment.

If you fail to notice your increased skin sensitivity which is caused by seasonal changes, and do not practice good skincare routine and proper skin moisturization, your skin will end up looking dry, rough, and flaky. Please remember that the skincare routine for spring is focused on cleansing, hydrating, and providing sufficient nourishment for your skin.

Increasing hydration and moisture

Skin dehydration happens when sebaceous glands secrete sebum, and the sunlight and warm wind take away moisture from the air. During this time, the “less oily but highly hydrating” moisturizing lotion should be used to keep your skin well-moisturized. You can also apply facial masks 2 to 3 times a week.

Always use sunscreen

As we are soaking in the warm sunlight in spring, we tend to forget the impact it has on our skin. Even though the sunlight isn’t that harsh in spring, there is still an increase of ultraviolet rays and they are everywhere; hence, getting adequate sun protection is a must. Those who stay indoors can opt for SPF 18 to SPF25 sunscreen products while for those who work outdoors should go for sunscreen products with an SPF30 or above. It is recommended to use Panco Whitening Sunscreen to achieve good sunblock and whitening effects.

Balanced diet

Other than implementing good skincare routine, having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is also of great importance for maintaining good skin. Getting enough sleep, and going for a lighter diet by avoiding greasy and spicy food are the way to go. Also, remember to drink more water, and consume food that is rich in Vitamins A, B6, C and E to supplement various nutrients needed by your skin.

Cleansing Routine that Doesn’t Damage Your Skin